Online Session Guitar Service

1) Get In Touch 

Let's discuss your project! How can I best serve your song? Tell me your ideas for the material and I will deliver a tasteful and ego-free performance that takes your project to the next level. From here you will receive an initial quote (either per song or per hour depending on the length and depth of the project).  

2) Upload Files 

Your demo to upload into my DAW with any reference tracks, chord charts that I can utilise for the performance.  

3) Recording 

Professional home recording studio available and can outsource equipment, instruments and musicians for any special requirements. I have recorded hundreds of performances and worked with musicians worldwide on this platform. 

4) Demo Track 

An .mp3 preview copy will be sent in advance before committing to the final print. Happy to make reasonable changes at this stage. Tracks can be provided dry, with effects or both in lossless file formats. 

5) Invoice via PayPal 

Fast and secure payment method.  

6) Delivery 

Once payment is made the stem files of my guitar tracking in high fidelity audio format will be delivered.