Nate Sapian Lives!


Nate has developed his signature sound through a lifelong connection with music from around the world. His parents raised him on a balanced musical diet of Middle Eastern, Americana, Latin and Irish Folk music that proved a gateway to his wide appreciation of different genres. His guitar-playing genesis was shaped by the classics: AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. This foundation is paired with a love of storytelling through songs that has been influenced by Jack White, Robben Ford, Jimmy Webb, Ray Charles and the famous troubadours of our lifetime. 

As a guitar teacher and sideman, Nate has covered a vast territory of musical styles but wanted to explore his own capacity as an original musician. Over a 6-week European sojourn with his muse, songs began emerging that would eventually become his debut release, Stereosmith. This album encapsulates Nate's love of funk, soul, country, blues, jazz and rock mediums. His live shows take chances and excite audiences with catchy hooks, vivid storytelling and expert musicianship. 

Nate is working towards his second album and playing extensively on the local scene. He is supported by Magneto Guitars, DV Mark Amplifiers, Rotosound Strings and several boutique pedal companies. Stay tuned to his socials for exciting opportunities to hear Nate's unique music for yourself through an upcoming event and the next release.